Via Cavour 50/B
23900 – Lecco (LC)
Via Volta 70
22100 – Como (CO)
Via Rugabella 1
20122 – Milano (MI)

Studio CS Lecco: associated accountancy firm.

Studio CS associated accountants made up of accountants, lawyers and auditors.

Your CS accountant firm specializing in statutory auditing for all tax obligations of your company.

Studio CS , accountant from Lecco, born from the experience of accountants and auditors specialized in drafting financial statements and administrative consultancy. Years of experience to offer business, accounting, tax, legal and strategic consultancy.

The CS accounting firm offers accounting and statutory auditing services in corporate and tax matters.

Our firm of associated accountants is based in lecco, como and milan: it offers services to companies such as assistance in tax litigation, assistance in setting up newly established firms or companies.

The Lecco accountant carries out tax calculations, administrative consultancy, calculation of amendments, statutory audits, ordinary accounting, both in their own income and in the VAT area.

Accounting and statutory auditing are the activities of the Lecco accounting firm: precision and professionalism above all.

The vocation of the associated accountants firm is to guide companies to achieve their objectives, assisting them in the internationalization processes with the launch of important processes.

Company mergers, company demergers, company sales and business management control.

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The service of the associated accountants lecco is aimed at those who want to contain costs without giving up qualified and high value-added services.

The associated accountants firm carries out punctual balance sheet analyzes on a quarterly or half-yearly basis and a complete analysis with end-of-year projections and simulations. It also provides advisory services to the external budget.

Studio CS takes care of all the phases prior to compilation and subsequent to the presentation as a qualified intermediary professional.

In addition, the associated accountancy firm provides legal auditing , administrative consultancy, analysis and handling of the amicable notices received from the taxpayer with management of the subsequent phases.

Thanks to the associated accountants, the firm is able to accompany clients also in the search for financial support, in legal assistance, in work and safety advice.

The team of Studio CS associated professionals offers its expertise and professionalism in supporting companies.

When companies find themselves having to rearrange, adapt or reorganize the corporate structure, the need arises in the management of the generational changeover.

The statutory audit provided by our professionals is all-round and concerns the corporate, civil and tax sphere, in order to better interpret or optimize the specific company situation.

Studio CS lecco is efficiently organized to assist all types of clients in ” execution of mandatory tax obligations.

Studio CS: accountancy firm specializing in statutory auditing.

Thanks to a deep knowledge of current regulations and constant updating on all issues, the accountancy firm lecco stands out for its ability to combine rigorous professional ethics with planning to ensure optimal tax advice.

Studio CS offers job consultancy and supports entrepreneurs in every aspect of human resource management.

In fact, it offers wage processing services, guidance in personnel organization, labor consultancy and all kinds of consultancy in the field of labor law and assistance in trade union relations.

Studio CS: associated accountants firm specializing in insolvency procedures.

Studio CS lecco assists entrepreneurs in business crisis contexts and in the management of insolvency procedures.

Also thanks to a series of consolidated relationships with partners with specific skills, it operates in this area promptly and effectively.

The added value of Studio CS consists in the numerous services aimed not only at ordinary accounting management, but also at administrative decision making.

Studio CS


Via Cavour 50/B
23900 – Lecco (LC)

phone +39 0341 363336
email lecco@csprofessionisti.com


Via Volta 70
22100 – Como (CO)

phone +39 0312 271166
email como@csprofessionisti.com


Via Rugabella 1
20122 – Milan (MI)

phone +39 0240 707408
email milano@csprofessionisti.com

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